среда, 09. март 2011.

Rent A Car Weekend in Belgrade

Belgrade is the administrative, economic, sporting, tourist and cultural center of Serbia. Several years ago, the number of tourists in Belgrade is greatly increased and is increasing every year since its offers to its guests all the moods of European and world capitals.
It's no secret that “the nightlife” in Belgrade is a premium experience of many foreigners who choose to spent a weekend or more days in the Serbian capital.
Most of the guests are from the region, from Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia but in increasing numbers there are guests from England, Germany, the Netherlands, from all over Europe and also from other continents when visiting European capitals.
Rent A Car weekend in Belgrade is one of the most attractive offers. Weekend guests gladly use car rental services in Belgrade. Rent a car prices for the weekend are lower than regular, daily rental prices. Usually, Belgrade guests for weekend prefer to rent a small city cars, to move around and park easily and cheaply.
Rent A Car Services during weekends generally use younger guests who want to make the most of short time stay in Belgrade, to see and visit as much as possible. Prices for car rental weekend range from 70-99 € for 3 days, the small city car. So, a very affordable price especially if we take into account that two or more people share among themselves the cost.
Of course, Axiom Rent A Car is also offering midsize and premium car class for those who want to enjoy comfortable and luxurious weekend in Belgrade.
Axiom Rent A Car provides free maps of Belgrade to its customers and as well as  additional information related to a pleasant stay in Belgrade.
Special facilities available over the weekend to guests of Belgrade who rented a car, is to park free of charge from Saturday 2:00 PM until Monday 7:00 AM! Certainly, it should be of proper parking and parking at designated parking areas or public garages in order to avoid parking violations and paying parking fines.
Some guests come on a long weekend - other than Belgrade, visiting other parts of Serbia - Fruska Gora, Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, Palic ... For a perfect long weekend, it is necessary to rent a car. Rent a car for a long weekend of 4-5 days also offer Axiom Rent A Car. 
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